Container Homes

Shipping Containers

“Container homes are exactly what they sound like — homes made from the steel shipping containers
that you see carrying goods everywhere on trains, trucks, and ships….


Container Homes are comfortable and efficient living spaces made from repurposed shipping containers.

Container Homes by WestarCrew can be constructed with optional features like floor-to-ceiling glass doors, open floor plans, custom finishes, decks, screened-in porches, multiple rooms, offices, large entertaining areas, workshops, storage areas, and more. The possibilities truly are endless!

WestarCrew’s custom “made-per-your-order” Container Homes are strong, durable, energy efficient, sustainable construction — and they are crafted to your unique needs and location. These homes are easily transported, rapidly deployable, and can be stacked to conserve space if you have a small footprint of land.


Whether you’re planning a new primary residence or vacation home, our custom Container Home will provide you with a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing dwelling.

Consider container housing as your next home !

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Gallery of Container Homes