Enviro-SmartSteel SIPsWestarCrew presents Enviro-SmartSteel, a high performance, precision-cut Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) manufactured for use in residential and commercial construction.

Enviro-SmartSteel — with NO formaldehyde or cellulose material — is a 12″ foam core insulation sandwiched between two sheets of recyclable non-toxic 22-gage galvalume steel. The finished product is 3″ thick.

This combination achieves a phenomenal R-rating of 49.

WestarCrew employ this environmentally friendly, energy efficient emerging building system to the fullest extent possible and incorporate it in as many projects as possible.

Did you know that Zero Net Energy building can be achieved by combining Enviro-SmartSteel with a solar Energy System?

Let WestarCrew show you how to reduce your Construction costs, minimize your Energy costs, and maximize your Profitability!


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  • A building constructed of Enviro-SmartSteel walls, floors, and roofs requires no additional insulation.
  • Enviro-SmartSteel will not absorb water, so it is virtually waterproof.
  • Enviro-SmartSteel will not burn (ASTM E-84), so it is fireproof.
  • Enviro-SmartSteel withstands a wind load of 300 mph (ANSI A-58), so it is fireproof.
  • Enviro-SmartSteel can replace conventional building methods (the use of studs, insulation and sheathing board).
  • Enviro-SmartSteel is termite and mold resistant.

          Housing built with Enviro-SmartSteel to individual specifications:

Housing Built with Enviro-SmartSteel

  • Termite and toxic mold resistant.
  • 97% closed cell construction, so it will not absorb water.
  • Contains no formaldehyde of cellulose material.
  • Carries a non-combustible Class A rating (ASTM E-84).
  • Made with recyclable, non-toxic material.

  • Enviro-SmartSteel panel weighs 2.5 pounds per square foot, which is half as much as other building materials of equivalent size, but is much stronger.
  • Enviro-SmartSteel has been tested by ANSI (A-58.1) to withstand winds of up to 300 miles per hour and the panel is calculated to withstand 200 miles per hour (ASCE 7-10).
  • The average maximum compressive load of a 4’x10′ Enviro-SmartSteel panel is 18,667 pounds.

  • Paint can be applied directly to any Enviro-SmartSteel panels used on exterior, as well as, interior construction.
  • Seams between Enviro-SmartSteel panels can be mudded and painted as an exterior or interior finish.

          Any type of exterior finish can be used:

Enviro-SmartSteel Exteriors


  • Enviro-SmartSteel panels are fast and easy to erect and can be used to construct exterior walls, floors, and roofs, thereby replacing conventional studs and insulation.
  • A lower construction labor cost is realized when using Enviro-SmartSteel panels as opposed to the use of other construction materials.
  • 100% Enviro-SmartSteel panels can be used in flood prone areas or for conventional interior construction.
  • Conventional exterior siding or other finish can be used with Enviro-SmartSteel.


  • No rafter systems are required in the attic, other than main beams and, if necessary, support columns.
  • Entire attic space can be used for storage or converted to additional usable space with minimum effort.

Enviro-SmartSteel Home with No Rafter System


Enviro-SmartSteel is Made in The USA!


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