Tiny Homes

WestarCrew Tiny HomesInspired by a spirit of adventure and the desire to offer something truly unique, we present Tiny Homes by WestarCrew.

Our homes embrace many eco-forward elements, featuring Enviro-SmartSteel interiors and energy-efficient appliances, and options like rain collection and solar energy systems.

Elements of luxury can be woven into our designs — granite countertops, vertical herb gardens, solar floor heating, more.

Homes of varying sizes sleep from two to four-plus individuals, including an A-Frame home with cozy living and sleeping areas.

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Tiny Homes are about living simply, beautifully, and still with everything you need! It’s about freedom from debt and having the economic freedom to live a bigger life, instead of having a bigger house.

  • Need ideas for your Tiny Home? You’ll see them here.
  • Are you DIY building your Tiny Home and need a custom set of plans? We’re here for you.
  • Need your turnkey Tiny Home built? We got you covered!

WestarCrew Tiny HomesWestarCrew offers design services to create a Tiny Home plan — 500 square feet or less — from your ideas or we can accommodate those ideas in changes to our standard models so that you get your very own unique and custom Tiny Home.

We also offer comprehensive Build Services that make your Tiny Home a reality! These services include Turnkey Homes, Turnkey Homes with Build Assist, and Tiny Home Shells.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a Tiny Home for the first time — or you’re a convert to the movement already — WestarCrew invites you to enjoy “living tiny” in one of our Tiny Homes.


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