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Working with WestarCrew Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Work with WestarCrew

» STEP 1: Review Our Buying Criteria (Click Here)

It’s important to note that we are NOT traditional buyers. We are a company that professionally purchases and redevelops distressed or undervalued homes. That means we are always looking for homes that need work, have serious issues, or simply a little TLC.

When you read our Buying Criteria, you’ll get the specific key indicators we look for when buying property. We’ll also share our proven systems for finding distressed property so you can start becoming a Distressed Property Expert.

» STEP 2: Represent Us as Buyer’s Agent

Bring us a listing for a distressed or undervalued home that we end up buying and you represent us as Buyer’s Agent. This benefits you and the Seller, because we can offer flexible terms, quick closing, and cash without appraisals or repairs. Check out more benefits here.

» STEP 3: Represent Us as Seller’s Agent

After we’ve established a relationship and you’ve represented us as a Buyer’s Agent, many agents go on to become very active Trinity Global Works team members and listing our beautiful finished renovations. These properties have almost always been completely remodeled from nearly top to bottom, and are homes that practically sell themselves.

When you become well versed in our Buying Criteria, we even offer joint venture opportunities and free training as a Distressed Property Specialist. This can add up to an extremely beneficial repeat relationship that you can build upon as an agent very quickly, because we are looking to complete many more renovations this year.

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