How Our Process Works

How The Process Works


  • We pay cash FAST for your property!
  • We close on your deal quickly, so you get your money FAST!
  • We pay ALL closing costs, including yours!
  • We buy your property in “As-Is” condition!
  • We are your direct buyer, so you don’t have to list your property and you pay NO realtor fees!


Here is Our Step-by-Step Process:

If you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve decided that your best option is to sell your house now and to move on with your life then read through this quick summary of how our home buying process works.

Every situation is different for each homeowner, but it all comes down to reliving the stress and uncertainty of having an unwanted house or piece of real estate. As your aware by now, it doesn’t matter what the condition of your house is or the situation you are facing, we’ve worked with Sellers in all types of situations. So if you’re looking for a company that can purchase your house and get you quick cash you’ve come to the right company.

Initial Phone Consultation When Selling Your House

On the initial call we will get to know you, learn about the situation you are facing, and get a bit of information about the property you are looking to sell. Once we have the initial information, we can determine if we can provide a solution for your situation. Then we can provide a solution, schedule a time to look at the property, and meet the you at the property, if possible.

Visit the House You Are Looking To Sell

After we view the property, we’ll review your situation and the reasons you need to sell in more detail. We’ll check the property and its overall condition. Also, at this time, we can determine if there are any liens or encumbrances. This will help us determine how quickly we can purchase your home. If there are issues any that need to be corrected, they may take a bit more time to close on the property.

After we gather this information we can discuss your options with you and give you an idea of what we may be able to pay for your house. At this time we can answer any questions you might have on the home selling process. We’ll gather any additional required information in order to determine the best price or option we can offer you.

If we have enough information on your property to make you a no obligation offer, will provide you with a written offer to purchase your property.

If more research is needed to determine a solution that works for all involved parties, then we’ll normally have an offer back within 24 hours after gathering all of the necessary information.

We’re very flexible when it comes to the terms of selling your home. You may need to stay in the home for a few weeks after selling it or you may need to sell it and leave the area in a few days. Some owners have become tired landlords and want the problem gone ASAP. We’ll do our best to tailor our solution to fit your needs! Remember there is no obligation to get an offer from us…it’s just an offer to provide a solution to your problem real estate.

How The Process WorksAccepting Our Offer and Closing On The Property

Once we come to an agreement on the offer that we’ve presented, the only thing left to do at this point is to schedule closing and set it up with the title company.

When you choose to work with us there are no commissions or hidden fees and there are no problems getting the financing because we are paying cash for your property.

On the day of closing you can come to the title company and close in their office. You’ll receive a check for the amount we agreed on and we’ll take over ownership of the home. It isn’t a problem if you’re out of state or unable to make it to the title company, because everything can be done by next day mail. All documents can be signed and the closing will take place on the date set. At the time of closing, the title company will FEDEX your proceeds check to you the same day.

That’s it!! It is a very simple process and once you agree to sell your house to WestarCrew, we take care of everything that has to be done to get your house sold fast.

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